Change in trains’ schedule leaves many disgruntled


Changes in the schedule for Railways due to the long march left many passengers annoyed with the authority. The authority had changed its regular schedule for departure and arrival of trains, which added to the inconvenience of passengers. “Our train was supposed to leave early morning for Lahore, but its departure time was delayed for five hours. We have been sitting on benches in the cold are afraid the train will leave Rawalpindi Station anytime, said Ghulam Rasool, a passenger.
The departure time was mid hours of night between Sunday and Monday but was announced that it would depart at 11a.m on Monday.
Maheen, a housewife, said, “Our train was scheduled to depart at midnight but found out it would leave at 11 am the next day.” She said her children had accompanied her and they had had to spend the night on cold wooden benches without pillows or quilts. “Both children have caught a cold and fever from the cold,” she added.