TMQ resists Qadri’s arrest


Islamabad police on Tuesday attempted to arrest Tehreek Minhjajul Quran (TMQ) Chief Dr Tahirul Qadri, however his supporters resisted police and averted the arrest of their leader.

Tehreek Minhjajul Quran International (TMI) leader Umer Riaz Abbasi said that Qadri was on-board his vehicle en route to D-Chowk from Jinnah Avenue when police deployed at Kulsoom Chowk attempted to arrest him, however, the TMQ devotees resisted the police. It was also reported that police resorted to aerial firing at Kulsoom chowk to disperse Qadri’s supporters. Clashes were also reported from the scene and dozens of protesters were injured. Edhi ambulances were seen in the area soon after the incident.

Federal Interior Minister Rehman A Malik took notice of the clashes and directed Islamabad commissioner to submit a report on the matter immediately. Malik also ordered officials concerned to ensure security of the participants.

A private television streamed live footage of police resorting to aerial firing at Kulsoom Chowk while the supporters of Tahirul Qadri hurled stones at them.


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