Same-name couple calls it quits


Turns out searching Facebook for people with the same name as you isn’t the ideal way to meet a partner after all. Kelly Hildebrandt and her husband, Kelly Hildebrandt, have decided to end their three-year marriage, after a romance that began when the female Kelly Hildebrandt searched Facebook and sent a message to the only other Kelly Hildebrandt to be found, the New York Daily News reports. The pair’s divorce filing cites irreconcilable differences. “We gave it our best shot,” the male Hildebrandt says. But “she’s a Florida girl, and I’m a Texas guy. We really did come from pretty different worlds.” Hildebrandt says that while he may get married again someday, it probably won’t be to somebody called Kelly Hildebrandt. “I wouldn’t want my future spouse to have to deal with everything from before,” he says. “That wouldn’t be a fair situation, given the media coverage.”