PR resumes train services after 26 long hours


Train services of Pakistan Railways (PR) resumed after 26 hours, when the people who had besieged the rail track against the killing of innocent people in Quetta, lifted the blockade. However, a large number of passengers including thousands of families braved immense hardships during the blockade.
According to details, the railway track was occupied on Sunday afternoon by protesters near Mailr-15 Intersection. The PR immediately suspended train services due to security concerns, until the clearance of the tracks. About one dozen passenger trains were stopped at different railway stations to ensure the safety of passengers. On Monday, at around 3:00 pm, the track blockade was lifted and the tormented stranded passengers breathed a sigh of relief after a 26-hour long nightmare.
Thousands of passengers, particularly elderly people, women and children suffered in cold weather. At some places the passengers also faced shortage of food and water. Railway officials said that several up and down trains were stopped at Landhi, Dirg Colony and other small stations as protesters blocked the main national railway track. The schedule of all up and down trains was badly affected due to forced blockade of tracks. Railways Inquiry Desk official Muhammad Ibrahim said that stationed trains would gradually depart from stations after the railway tracks were completely cleared. The affected trains included Tezgam, Allama Iqbal Express, Pakistan Business Express, Farid Express, Bolan Express, Night Coach, Sukkur Express, Khyber Mail and Millat Express. Ibrahim said Hazara Express and Awami Express left the Cantonment Station on Monday afternoon at 3:15 pm and 3:30pm respectively, after railway tracks were cleared. He said the PR had already refunded full money to passengers on board the cancelled trains. He said no train arrived at the Karachi Cantonment Station (City Station) till 4:00 pm; however, many delayed trains would start reaching there within a few hours after suffering from a delay of 18 to 20 hours.


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