Elections will be held on time, says chief justice


Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry while hearing a case pertaining to reforms in the upcoming elections said that the elections would be held on time, according to a local TV channel.
A three-judge bench of the apex court was hearing the case.
“It is not important who is doing what but elections will be held on time no matter what”, he said.
He further remarked that no compromise would be made regarding the timeline and the Election Commission (EC) should be prepared.


  1. he is like angle for pakistan i wish if he become next presednt of pakistan then pakistan could be super power in the world we just can pray for you CJ iftikhar chudri God give you a long and healthy life we all overseas pakistani really love you and imran khan as well you two guys just can save pakistan our country is in yor hand we muslims are just looking you.we love your honesty.your honesty is great weapon with you for succes of pakistan and to get Heaven If we people are happy Which mean our Allah is Happy with you
    thnks maha

    • Maha I agree with you, I am sitting in London and there is not a single day I don't think about Pakistan and it isjust because we love our country very much. I really liked your post. Keep it up <3

  2. CJ IFTIKHAR should say like ASLAM RAISANI , CJ IFTIKHAR " Hum Raja Rental ke peeche lagey huey hain.. orrrrrr inshaAllah hum inko Bamboo kereinge " LOL

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