Stringent security measures have been taken to avoid any untoward incidents on the occasion of the long march today (Monday). The Red Zone has been completely sealed by placing containers and barbed wire, and digging trenches at various entry points and other spots in the federal capital. The situation in the twin cities will also be monitored via aerial surveillance.
Around 22,500 law enforcement personnel have been deployed in the two cities. The Islamabad Police, Rangers and FC will be positioned in key areas. Additional forces from KP and Azad Kashmir also reached Islamabad on Sunday. These forces will guard various entry and exit points Kashmir Highway and Red Zone. The Army has also sealed certain areas of the Red Zone.
CCTV cameras have been installed along Faizabad and Red Zone to assist law enforcement agencies in nabbing criminal elements. The police and paramilitary forces have been provided with teargas shells, rubber bullets and arms worth Rs 50 million to stop protestors from charging towards the capital.
Security personnel have placed containers and dug trenches all around the Red Zone to prevent protestors from entering the high security area. The police said they had dug trenches because protestors normally drove their vehicles on green belts and medians if they saw containers blocking the main roads.
An official said the security of the diplomatic community was top priority and around 3,000 security personnel had been deployed around the Diplomatic Enclave.
Minhaj ul Quran Chief Tahir ul Qadri’s ‘million-man long march’ to the capital has spread a wave of fear and apprehension in the capital city. Law enforcement agencies in the country have taken strict measures to ensure the protestors will not enter the capital city, and rescue teams have been deployed to take charge in the case of an emergency. Meanwhile, residents have cleared off streets that now look deserted.