Qadri at Gujjar Khan with 25,000


The long march led by Tehrik Minhajul Quran (TMQ) leader Dr Tahirul Qadri has reached Gujjar Khan with 25,000 people.
According to media reports, the capital government has agreed to let Qadri into the federal capital and Rs50 million were released to ensure security of the rally.
Mobile phone services were suspended in twin cities amid security fears.
Earlier, the long march took off from Kharian, district Lalamusa towards Islamabad after a brief stop to offer the morning prayers.
The prayer was followed by breakfast, after which the TMQ chief addressed the participants and the media before resumption of the march. Meanwhile some participants of the long march have started trickling into Islamabad.
Tahir Qadri before departing Kharian tabled a fresh demand of sacking the Election Commission (EC). The demand has sent shock waves across the political spectrum of the country and all parties occupying the treasury benches termed Qadri’s demand as unconstitutional. Per law, the ECP can be dissolved only by the Chief election commission or the Supreme Court.
On Sunday, the Punjab government handed a list of 15,000 participants who departed with Qadri from Lahore for Islamabad. The Long march commenced at 1400 hours from Lahore on Sunday. TMQ aims to stage a sit in at D-Square in front of Parliament House in Islamabad but the federal government vowed to not allow the march access beyond Saudi towers.
Police, Rangers and TMQ’s own security volunteers are escorting the march.
A private crane is also plying along TMQ’s convoy to remove containers or any other obstacles the government would throw at the march. Thousands of participants joined the march along the GT road carrying edibles and fuel supplies.
Meanwhile, 500 TMQ volunteers were busy erecting a stage using eight 20 foot containers at noon on Monday in the capital. A total of 15,000 TMQ volunteers would perform security duties along with personnel deployed by the state.


  1. what is the wrong in demanding ECP….commission has been with mala fide intention…no doubt chief election Commissioner is honest ,man of principle …but rest of the members have political affiliation.this was well demonstrated recent bye election

  2. What happened to the rest of 4 million people TuQ claimed?
    Will these 25 thousand people decide the fate of 180 million people of Pakistan? Who gave TahirulQadri the decision powers?

    • you don;t need special permission for these kinds of things, you go by your own, there is no decision from him, but it is will he brought with him, will of CHANGE , CHANGE that what we needed.

  3. i m asking from all Pakistani awam not from the "Party" what TQ Want?????

    Hamayun Khan
    From DUBAI???

    • Simply a change , change in thinking, a change in culture, a change in society, a change in political spectrum, a change in your life

      • Hussain, you mean Shia change. Shia bought a so called Sunni molvi to be their spokes person. You expect change for Kafir ul Qadri? The guy you contradicts every second his own statements. Only change thats coming is a bigger thug that Zardari

  4. Yes they do, a group of people are enough to represent millions. CHANGE is needed not at will but the dignity and respect of the person who is demanding the change,

  5. what kind of people live in this country? everybody complains about the terrible state of this country and its joke of a government, yet when someone makes a stand against it they still complain. Either vote for the criminals and endure misery or do something about it SIMPLE!!!

    • I agree with you 100%, ARE YOU? Do you really mean it, DO you mean that you would like to see a change, a change that may become a good change for the people, and for the country. DO YOU AGREE,

  6. This might be the only chance for this nation to get rid of current criminal society of politicians. We need to support any one who is working against the cancer of this nation, otherwise get ready to be the slaves of this iqtadar mafia forever……

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