Qadri heads to Islamabad for change


Tehreek-e-Minhajul Quran chief Dr Tahirul Qadri’s long march finally kicked off on Sunday afternoon from Lahore. Before leaving for Islamabad, Qadri prayed for the security for all the participants and the success of the “million-man march”.
All traffic signals were turned off to avoid congestion and Qadri and his followers were given clear route out of the city. Mobile phone services were also suspended in several areas on Sunday evening. Sources said mobile service would be suspended in all areas from where the long march is scheduled pass. They said the mobile service was likely to be affected in Rawalpindi and Islamabad today due to security concerns.
Before leaving, Qadri criticised the Punjab government for creating hurdles in their way. Talking to journalists, Qadri accused the provincial government of arresting bus drivers, detaining vehicles and forcefully preventing people from participating in the march.
He demanded dissolution of Balochistan Assembly over its failure to protect the rights of the Shia Hazara. His departure, although scheduled for 9 am, was delayed until Zohr prayers. “Local authorities are responsible for the delay. I had to make other arrangements after the government seized our vehicles,” he said. A large number of people gathered outside Minhajul Quran International central office to participate in the long march. Strict security measures have been taken in Punjab and in the federal capital due to threats by terrorist organisations. All roads leading to the capital had been blocked with the help of containers. Earlier, Interior Minister Rehman Malik told Qadri that he faced security threats as the militants were planning to target the long march.
However, Tahirul Qadri, on Saturday, categorically refused to postpone his long march. The TMQ leader said that he wanted people to get their due rights. “No one can bribe me and stop me from holding this long march,” he said. A government delegation led by PML-Q President Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain and Deputy Prime Minister Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi continued negotiations with Dr Qadri for the second day on Saturday.


  1. Mr Qadri is dishonest and corrupt unless proven other wise. He has to show his last ten yrs tax return and assets under his name.
    If he loved Pakistan so much ,why did he take Canadian nationality?hou can not have two mothers.
    Dhobi ka Kuta na gar ka na ghat ka.

  2. Pakistani and Muslim always comment positively and never speak like non-muslim and never abuse any one. Qadri is oood or bad but what he said, he did. some people are against him for nothing. his contribution to development of Islamic education in Pakistan country side is remarable and no other did it. i request to all of my Pakistani and Muslim brotherhood to comment positively for every one even if you like someone or not.

  3. It is time for change and i wish ordinary Pakistan can contest elections and become members of parliament. Will it happen??

  4. Dr qadri..all the way, corrupt nawaz shareef, zardari and rest its time to pack up..enough is enough..we have found what your about… ha ha..either leave with respect or get thrown out. dr qadri may allah help u suceed

    • yes its time for the zardaris and shareefs to go but there is no place for a fanatic like qadri as well..

  5. hes nothing but an ambitious man using religion as the means to empower himself and to further his own pwesonal political ambitions…hope the people fo pakistan dont replace a corrupt government with a fanatic…

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