Pak-India relations


The recent cease fire violations on the Indo-Pak LoC, where the Indians are making unnecessary hue and cry due to our army’s tit for tat action, is understood. They have a habit of creating an alarming situation, even if they are at a fault. What is not understood is our passive and very appeasing attitude towards India. Are we under any misunderstanding as to the Indian malafide intentions? Time and again they have exhibited scorn and hostility when it comes to living in peace. They have planned to dry up the Indus and other rivers. They are creating trouble in Balochistan by a proxy war. They want to use us as their market thus depleting our meagre foreign exchange and cripple our industries.
Still, we take them as our would-be friends. This is height of naivety on our part. If we forego our passive attitude, the Indians will come down to their knees. Few things can be done straightaway to give them an immediate dose. These could be: No more MFN status to India; only trade with them on equal/bilateral basis; stop importing all Indian movies; stop the appearance/hiring of Indian models/actresses in our ads forthwith; and other actions can also be considered /debated in the parliament.


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