Will mull options if ceasefire violations continue: Indian air chief


Indian Air Force Chief NAK Browne on Saturday said that India will be forced to consider other options, if ceasefire violations continue from Pakistani side.

Brown expressed concern over what he called the continuous ceasefire violation and firing from the Pakistani side.

Browne said, “We have a Line of Control, we have a ceasefire agreement, we have certain mechanisms, we have certain structures and that is sacrosanct.”

“Any violation of these with impunity, especially as to what’s been happening in the last few months, is totally unacceptable. We are monitoring the situation very carefully because if these things continue the way they are and the violations continue to take place, then perhaps we may have to look at some other options for compliance.”

On Friday, Indian Defence Minister AK Antony had said that enough troops have been deployed at the LoC and the government was taking all steps to protect the nation’s interests and prestige of the armed forces.


    • forget about china….even they understand how pakistanis are. Afghan likes India more than Pak. After western sanctions on Iran, India is still buying oil from Iran, Iran would like to maintain that relation with India. North Korea is half the size of Maharashtra, so India does not even consider it 🙂

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