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Shias protesting Quetta carnage refuse to end Governor House sit-in

Following the devastation in Quetta that killed more than 116 people, the Shia community of the country has taken to roads to protest the constant victimisation of their community at the hands of sectarian terrorists. Thousands of protestors had jammed the roads of Balochistan’s capital on Friday and refused to bury their loved ones until the government met their demands that included removal of Chief Minister Aslam Raisani and army deployment in the city. Almost two days have gone by since then, without any action from the government’s side while the protesters continue their sit-in protests along with dead bodies of their loved ones.

On Saturday, in a show of solidarity with the Quetta protestors, the Majlis-e-Wahdat-ul-Muslimeen (MWM) took out a peaceful sit-in protest outside the Punjab Governor’s House around 6 pm, blocking The Mall for traffic. As if by coincidence, the Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) shut down power supply to the area for almost two hours. No reason was given for the unscheduled power outage. All lights outside the Governor House went out, leaving the hapless protesters to register their grievances in the dark.

Ironically, there was hardly any media presence to cover the protest which reflected the apathy of the country’s mainstream media towards the cause of the oppressed Shia minority.

Talking to Pakistan Today, MWM Punjab President Abdul Khaliq Asadi strongly condemned the Quetta massacre for which the banned Sunni extremist outfit, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, has taken responsibility. He said the protest would continue till their demands are met.

“We demand immediate removal of the Balochistan chief minister and want the army to take over responsibility of Quetta’s security,” he said. “We want the chief justice to take notice of the Quetta tragedy and root out terrorism from the country…more than 1,000 Shias have been killed in incidents of targeted killings but his lordship has yet to notice the genocide,” he said.

Talking to Pakistan Today, MWM Punjab Deputy Secretary Hassan Naqvi said, “Leaders who are responsible for the security of our lives have become our enemies. They are not fulfilling their duties as part of the government which has led to the devastation of our community in the country.”

He said more than 36 hours have gone by since the protest in Quetta had started but not even a single government functionary or organisation has visited them, not even for condolence. They continue sitting in the battering cold with bodies of their loved ones but the government has shown sheer apathy towards their protest, he said.

He reiterated the MWM’s demands saying, “We demand removal of the corrupt and alcoholic chief minister of Balochistan and want the army to immediately take over Quetta.”

He clarified that they do not want martial law in the country but want the army to be responsible for security because the current government had failed miserably in that regard. “Until our demands are met, we will continue sitting outside Governor House,” he said.

A protester, Khalid Asadi echoed the demand to oust Chief Minister Raisani and army to take control over Quetta. “The Punjab and federal governments must know that we will not leave Governor House as long as our demands are met,” he said.

Another protester, Mudassar said the government has shown no regard for those battling the cold weather in Quetta with bodies of their loved ones.

“One bullet in the head of Malala Yousafzai saw media highlighting her cause and raising hue and cry in the corridors of power but thousands of Shia deaths, the Quetta massacre and our peaceful sit-ins have been ignored by the government high ups and the media,” he lamented.

The protesting Shias, including women, children and the elderly, held banners and placards asking the government to provide security to their community “which was being subjected to state-sanctioned terrorism”.

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  1. foulmouthed said:

    Wish Ahmadis and christians had the freedom to demonstrate like this.

  2. Afsar said:

    I am very sad to read your comment. We would like the killings of innocent Shias to stop. As far as I am aware the ahmadis and the Christians have not been at the receiving end of such target killings and therefore have no need to sit out in the freezing cold weather with the bodies of their loved ones…
    I could be wrong so please do correct me if I am.

  3. Friend said:

    I guess now is the time for you me to stand up fpr justice not for Shias but for justice join the protest who ever u are and u will be welcomed ….justice is our cause and by Allah it will always be

  4. Ali Naqvi said:

    I Condemn the Killing of innocent people ever where but especially the thousands of Shia Muslims killed in Pakistan.

    I fully support the people of Shia Muslims of Pakistan and their Legitimate demands for protection of their lives, from targeted killings, Suicide bombings, Beheading of Shia Muslims!!!!!

    Sipah-e-Sahaba ,Lashkar-e-Jhanvi are splits group from the Taliban. They get their funding from Saudi Arabia and UAE.

    The truth is the Government of Pakistan is 100% aware but their is some support for theses groups in the intelligence and the government it self.


  5. kamran said:

    and government should also take notice of killing of sunni ulemah why only shia killing is highlighted sipah muhammed is involved is involved in the target killing of suuni ulemah which get funding from iran

  6. Umer Shakeel said:

    Sipah e Muhammad [ PBUH ] was raised against sipah sabaha / lashkar e jhangvi after more than 4000 Shias where murdered. Sipah e Muhammad [ PBUH ] no more exists, as there were no funds and support available unlike sipah e sabaha (Getting huge funds from USA, Isreal, India, UAE and Saudia). The killings of innocent Sunnies/Ulema is not done my Sipah e Muhammad [ PBUH ] but by Sipah e Sabaha who believe that Baralvi Sunni Muslims are Mushriks and Kafirs.

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