Qadri should not make long march a matter of ego: Sharjeel


Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Central Deputy Secretary Information and Provincial Minister for Information Sharjeel Inam Memon on Saturday said Tahirul Qadri should only get involved in such business in which he has experience, as running a religious school and managing the affairs of a state are two different things.
The provincial minister advised Dr Qadri to shun the idea of long march and instead feel the sensitivity of the situation. No one would be allowed to take the nation hostage in the disguise of demands.
He said to use satirical words against the members of parliament was a condemnable act. It was also an insult to the masses to abuse democracy and to call it fake or planted democracy.
The provincial information minister said Dr Qadri did like the democracy of Musharaf. Terrorism and load shedding were the gifts of Musharaf which the nation had accepted as a challenge and were facing the problems with courage.
The PPP was the worst victim of terrorism, he said. We had to lose our great leader Benazir Bhutto in a violent act of terrorism. “Tahirul Qadri should not undertake the long march just to satiate his ego,” Memon said.