Hrithik gives Shah Rukh’s firm a business of 26 crores


Hrithik Roshan’s ‘Krrish-3’ is completely dependent on special effects. In fact Rakesh Roshan has kept aside almost eight months to get the VFX right. While a portion of the VFX is being done overseas, the lion’s share of visual effects has been entrusted by the Roshans to Shah Rukh Khan’s company. The trade estimates that the Roshans — Rakesh and Hrithik — have given SRK a total business of around 26 cr for it. And SRK who is very upto date when it comes to VFX is personally involved in making sure that his buddy’s film gets the best VFX ever done in a Bollywood film. An insider says, “The Roshans have put their money where their mouth is. Obviously, this is also proof of the fact that the personal bond between SRK and Duggu is stronger than ever.”


  1. What ? Is this a news for Pakistan ? Come on look around and promote your own artists , industry and local talent.

  2. absolutely agree with u CAUK! Pakistan Today promotes an indian agenda all the time! entertainment news is their forte! Shame on the journalists who promote such rubbish!

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