Golra Sharif dissociates itself from long march


The custodian of Golra Sharif shrine on Saturday dissociated himself from the long march of Tehreek-e-Minhajul Quran chief Dr Tahirul Qadri.
Addressing a news conference, Pirs of Golra Sharif shrine Pir Jalaluddin and Pir Nizamuddin Jami said they and their followers had nothing to do with Qadri’s long march.
They also urged their followers to stay away from the long march and added that the statements of Dr Qadri were self-contradictory.
They said basic objective of Qadri’s long march was to secure the slot of prime minister for himself.
“We are a religious family and have nothing to do with politics,” they said.
The custodian of the shrine also advised Ulema to abstain form joining the long march.


  1. this is conspuracy. golra shreef k gadi nasheen qadri sahib k sath hi hain. yeh koi or gadi hay. peer mehar ali shah sahib ki gadi k jaan nasheen qadri sahib k sath hain. yeh news govt ki saazish hay.

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  3. Golra walon k ghar gilani walon ki larki he, yeh ppp k rishtedar hein, is liye golra walon ne long march se seperation ker li he. yeh jis awam se ( nazar niaz ke ) paisa ikatha ker k apni chamak dhamak banane wale waqt aya to awam ka sath dene se inkari hein

    • Dear QADRI kay kam be tou daikhoo.karna keya chahta hay,Her waqat short cut kay chakroon may hoota hay.kebee RASOOL-E-PAK Kay naam paer kebi abdul qadar gailani kay nam,JHOOTOON PER ALLAH LANAT BHAIJTA HAY

    • bazool baat mt karo, app apni zuban ko smbhal kr baat karay, yeh baat app koi app hasti ka baray mei baat nhi kr rhay, app aur mei inn ke jooti ke khaak ka brarbr bhi nhi hai,

      woo syed hai, aur unka ihtaram krna hm sb pr lazim hai

  4. Really Wel done by PEER sahib They have eagle eyes,WALLAHA really they are gady nashheen og PER MEHAR ALI. They have got the what the main ideas of TAHI-RUL-QADRI

  5. such incidents remind me of that hadith of beloved prophet (S.A.W) which states of time when tribulations were very common and this march is nothing but one of those tribulations. lets put aside the past of qadri Sb and analyze his demands. on top of list is democracy and that also the one being serving secular states of west. I’m failed to understand how could someone of wadding sb’s stretcher could prefer sharia over democracy? for me sharia is best democracy . this gentleman speaks very outspokenly against the helping of muslim who are under the attrocities of kufr like kashmiris,palestinians,burmese etc etc. according to him its against the sharia for other muslim to help their brethren in need if they are not their countrymen. you can’t raise the weapon to help your brethren even they are getting killed in most cruel manners. qadri Sb wants election commission to be dissolved at once. qadri Sb believes a magical wand to be exercised which completely eradicates the social evils before elections. how viable is that now?

  6. اسلام علیکم۔ میں سوچ بھی نہیں سکتا کہ گولڑہ شریف ڈاکٹر طاہر القادری صاحب کے ساتھ نہیں۔ پیر نصیر الدین نصیر صاحب تو ڈاکٹر صاحب کے جگری یار تھے، بلکہ ہیں، تو یہ خلفاء کو کیا مسلہ ہو گیا؟ اگر یہ خبر غلط ہےتو اس کی تردید کی خبر بھی آنا چاہیے اور ان کی شمولیت نظر بھی آنی چاہیے۔

    ایک عقیدت مند۔

  7. Sir g u guys dont know wat qadri sahib has done… Sorry guys dont wana hurt but qadri sahib broke promise about the book Hazrat Pir Naseer udin Naseer wrote. Qadri sahib promised with Pir Naseer Sahib that he will certified a book that pir sahib wrote. And qadri sahib promised after readindg that. But after wisal of Pir sahib qadri sahib broke his promise. Haq Naseer Ya Naseer

  8. qadri sahib never keep his promised he is indian agent that why qadri did not say any thing about Kashmir in his London speech he is not suni he not sofi he is power hunger show off he sick from his head pakistan zandabad long long way to go we will be able to free kashmir soon

  9. بحرین :۔ پاک کشمیر فیڈریشن کے چیف آرگنائز ر عبدالغفور رتیال نے ڈاکٹر طاہر القادری کی لانگ مارچ پر تبصرا کرتے ہوئے کہا یہ تحریک کربلا سے ملانا اسلام کے نام پر سیاہ ترین دبہ ہے ڈاکٹر طاہر القادری امام عالی مقام نوسہ رسول اللہ صلی علیہ وسلم کے اوصاف اور اخلاق کئی اعلی و عرفا تھے اور ان کو کوفہ والوں نے بلایا تھا۔اور ہم پوچھتے ہیں ڈاکٹر طاہر القادری کو کس نے بلایا میں ان سے ایک سوال کرتاہوں تحریک منھاج القران اور پاکستان عوامی تحریک جمہوریت عین اصولوں پر چل رہی کہ مولوی نے ایک اچھاطریقہ سوچا ہے کہ چیرٹی کی دولت پر سیاست کی جائے رتیال نے کہا ڈاکٹر طاہر القادری نے لنڈن میں پیس کانفرنس میں کشمیری عوام کا حق سلب کیا اور جب یہ مارچ کر رہے ہیں انڈیا نے کشمیر سیکٹر پرحملہ کر دیا یہ کوئی اتفاق نہیں ہے لگتا ہے ڈاکٹر طاہر القادری انڈیا کے ایجنٹ ہیں اور دولت بھی کشمیری عوام کی خرچ کر رہے اور ان کے خلاف استعمال کررہے ہیں

  10. Barre afsos ki baat hai keh hamare comments denay walay bhahion ne hamain bahoot taqseem kar dia hai. Qibla peer naseer uddin shah (RA) ne apni taqareer main apne aqaid our ummat ke itehaad par bahoot zoar dia hai. Waise hamain ulmae ikram par keechar uchalne kay bajay yeh dekhna chaheh keh hum kia kar rehe hain.?? kehne wale ko na dekha jae, balke woh kia keh raha hay, usko parkha jae. Allah hum sab par karam farmae.

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