Dog bite incidents on the rise on KRL road


Dog bite incidents are on the rise on the KRL road due to the inefficiency of the municipal administration. Surrounded by vicinities of Al-Noor Colony and Shakrial, the KRL is the most crowded road in the area of Khanna Dak and remains a hub of vehicular traffic. Packs of stray dogs loiter around freely in every market and street of the locality and are seen sprinting towards every citizen whom they spot walking alone in the street.
“We can not send our children to school alone. We have to escort them to protect them against the attacks of stray dogs,” said a resident of Al-Noor Colony.
“Our guests and relatives coming from other cities are usually bitten by these dogs. Therefore, we have asked our relatives not to visit us during night hours,” said another resident of Al-Noor colony.
Residents have asked the municipal administration to launch a campaign for the elimination of stray dogs to avoid any untoward incident.


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