CNG stations in twin cities to open today


The CNG-deprived people of the twin cities would get some respite as CNG stations open today (Sunday) following a stay order from the Islamabad High Court. The CNG station owners filed a writ petition in the IHC and got a stay order against the suspension of gas supply to their outlets. Owners of the CNG stations were of the opinion that due to the closure of stations, they were suffering economic losses and it had become impossible for them to continue their business and pay salaries to employees. They said Gas was being supplied to all sectors and the government had adopted discriminatory attitude towards CNG sector. The owners requested equal treatment to all sectors. Meanwhile, All Pakistan CNG Association Chairman Ghayas Paracha said Adviser to Prime Minister on Petroleum Dr Asim Hussain was responsible for the entire crisis and taking decisions to marginalise the CNG sector. He said Dr Asim took all decision without consultation with stakeholders and according to his own vested interests. Paracha added that the private sector should be allowed to invest in LPG energy mix and there should not be a monopoly of influential people.