If girls know how to claw, they can purr as well. In the midst of all the reports about an all-out war of words between Deepika-Anushka-Katrina, comes this piece of interesting news. Anushka, the intelligent girl that she is, seems to have woken up to the virtues of a friendly equation with her peers. For the special screening of her Friday release, she sent out a message to Katrina, her senior co-star from Jab Tak… and invited her to Yash Raj Studios. Kat accepted her invite and made it a point to attend the show. At the theatre, the two girls “got along like a house on fire,” says an eye-witness, adding, “They were laughing, giggling and chatting.” Readers may recall, in an exclusive chat with Mirror (Dec 13), Anushka had said, “Someone said I wasn’t Anurag Kashyap’s first choice for Bombay Velvet and he had to clarify on Twitter. Why are such things said in the first place?” She was referring to ‘reports’ that suggested that Katrina was the first choice for the film that stars Ranbir Kapoor in the lead. In fact, hitting out at those she felt was responsible for ‘planting’ such stories, Anushka had said, “Look at the guys (actors, she meant), they don’t indulge in such things. And that’s why I find it easier to be friends with them.” Added the witness, “All’s well that ends well. It was a stupid misunderstanding. Both the girls seem to have put it behind them.” Well, she may find it easier to be friends with her male aquaintances, but Anushka certainly does not mind making friendly overtures to Katrina again. To tweak the words of Sun-tzu, the legendary Chinese war strategist, it always works to keep your friends close, and your rivals, closer.