Shias ask Gen Kayani


Hazara Shias refused to bury their dead until the Pakistan Army assured them security from the genocide being carried out by the Sunni terrorist outfit, the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi. The sit-in demonstration was continuing by the time the newspaper was sent to press at 2am.


  1. Laskar jehngavi is under control of working and retired ISI men .ISI works under GHQ and it is commanded by Gen Kiynai.So for whom they are calling for their aid.
    Really in a nation where Guarains beocme killers, no one stop human attrocites and that is what we are seeing in Pakistan

    Sunni militant groups such as the ostensibly banned Lashkar-e Jhangvi have operated with widespread impunity across Pakistan while law enforcement officials have effectively turned a blind eye on attacks against Shia communities. Some Sunni extremist groups are known to be allies of the Pakistani military, its intelligence agencies, and affiliated paramilitaries, such as the Frontier Corps, Human Rights Watch said.

  2. General kiyani loves to hear such voices as it strengthens military hold in the region.Those who are demanding this should know that Quetta is under control of FC for last 20 years which obeys only order of GHQ, not from its political clowns who are sent in parliament houses through bargain and fake voting.

    • Spot on yet again Nazia! The ISI & the Pakistani army is full of supporters of LJ & TTP. Must not forget it was the Pakistani army who created this scum. They don't hold any respect for human life including Women & Children & it's not only Shias they murder it's any one who does not have the same Animal mentality & beliefs as them. Army will not step in it will stop the illigitmate income they & the goverment get from the Zionist paymasters. It is ironic that the drones can find these animals & know where they are hiding in Pakistan & yet the Pakistani army can't. The truth is the army & the agencies know exactly where these scum are hiding but purposely will not do anything even at the cost of losing their own soldiers. If Kayani does not agree with the above comments then start the operation immediately & flush out & eliminate this evil.

  3. Every sensible person knows this fact but question is what was requirement of this mass murder in Baluchistan.Can it link with SC order of cancelling Redok mines deals.You know it was made by Musharraf and his team and they have got billions in commission for handling over to foreign group.
    so important point is why this mass murder is planned to haunt whom?

  4. The situation is grave. My heart goes with those who are protesting in extreme cold of Quetta with the bodies of their love ones. If we all did not this today, we all will doing the same to get justice. We should stand united along with the protesting families.

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