Rehman Malik should be arrested: Qadri


In a press conference at Lahore, Minhajul Quran International (MQI) chief Tahurul Qadri asked the Supreme Court of Pakistan (SC) to take suo motu action against Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik for spreading terrorism.
During the press conference, the MQI chief showed a video in which Rehman Malik stated that there was an imminent threat against Qadri at the long march.
Qadri further added that Malik did not simply say there might be an attack rather there will be one. He then asked the courts to take action against Malik on the grounds that he was spreading terrorism. He requested that Malik should be arrested and jailed.
He further added that if Malik has abundant information regarding terrorist attacks in the country, he should be thoroughly questioned and any and all information should be shared.
In the press conference, Qadri also invited the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) to join him in the long march.


  1. What a difference of opinion.I think Mr Qadri should be arrested because he is a Canadian citizen. I am not defending Mr Malik. Mr Malik cancelled his British nationality, then got re elected to senate seat. So far mr Qadri has not renounced his Canadian citizen ship

    • Just because he is Canadian citizen doesn't mean anything at all… What matters the most is he is speaking for your God damn country and trying to get rid of the terrorist which are in a turning face of Rehman Malik. Canceling a citizenship doesn't mean anything at all on the other hand why because there are freaking MILLION TRILLION Pakistani's out there in Canada, Great Britain, & Canada. Why the heck they have their citizenships and talk about having peace in Pakistan and talk about the very high cost on stuff in Pakistan. Why can's they cancel their citizenships and live in their God damn country if they love their country so much. Talk about reality talk about who is against what and who is with what lets just leave the politics on their behalf rather than us people stand up and talk about stuff that doesn't even makes sense. As a Pakistani you should shut-up and just stand up and speak for rights and regulation not what politicians are doing out there!!!! Hideous minds with Hideous thinkingsss!!! No wonder you people can't do crap but sit there and talk about stuff!!!

  2. When ever I write more than few lines that comment is not posted. This last one was in response to Mr Ehsan

  3. Qadri is comically blaming two for all problems of Pakistan.They might be Zardari and Rehman malik.No doubt they both are shameless character of Pakistan but trouble makers are somewhere else.Why he is not pointing them??

    • He isn't blaming two for all the problems. He is simply blaming the entire hideous government of Pakistan. Actions speaks LOUDER THAN WORDS 🙂 REMEMBER THAT 🙂

      • Blaming only political govt .?/what about military govt that is parallel operating the Pakistan's matter.I don't remember it but it is part of my life that my action speaks louder than words
        Actions have an edge on words and this word master is just inserted in the actions of some hidden force.

        • Why you are going against just one darn person why don't you people look around yourself… O so aren't you guys just proud of that military government like i hear news and stuff all over the place about it i mean where does all these things and thoughts go at that time??? O is it really part of your life??? No right here and right now what i am actually looking at is the following: You are trying to take your own words higher than your actions and Mr. Qadri's actions i mean hello this is so a diplomacy you are trying to do here lolzzz … Actions never have an edge on words 🙂 but i am positively sure that words do :)… is it ? really ? so why don't you stand up go out there and speak for what is hidden and what isn't!!! so hideous!!! and btw what you have actually replied was like out of topic 😛

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