Don’t take India for granted: Congress to Pakistan


India’s ruling Congress party on Friday talked tough by saying India wanted peace with Pakistan but the neighbouring country should not take it as a sign of weakness.
It also warned that if Pakistan did not stop violating the LoC (Line of Control), India would have to think of taking strong action.
“We don’t want to break the process of peace but at the same time, we need to send a strong message to Pakistan that we are quite strong and can face any challenge. They should not feel that we are weak in any respect,” Congress spokesperson Sandeep Dikshit told reporters.
“If Pakistan did not stop violating the LoC, India will have to think of taking strong action. We are watching the situation whether the Pakistan government is maintaining the status quo of ceasefire on the Line of Control. They should stop violating the ceasefire. A clear picture will emerge in the next three-four days,” he said.
The Congress also rubbished remarks made by BJP leader and former external affairs minister Yashwant Sinha that both United Progressive Alliance and National Democratic Alliance had committed a mistake in talking to Pakistan.
“It is possible they are feeling now that they might have erred in taking the bus to Lahore. We want friendly relations with Pakistan and to strengthen the same,” said Dikshit referring to former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s famous bus ride to Pakistan in 1999.
On the Pakistan government stopping the bus service (Paigam-e-Aman) between the two countries, Dikshit said: “As far as stopping the bus service is concerned, I think the government of Pakistan is not clear within themselves for taking any decision”.
The Congress expressed hope that Pakistan would help control the situation.
“We do hope that the Pakistan government will take cognizance of our diplomatic and military protests for violating the ceasefire on the Line of Control and they should try to solve the problem than to aggravate the same,” said Dikshit.


  1. Indian Congress popularity rested on active enmity with Pakistan. Now that this popularity is dwindling as an unknown person like Ana Hazare had forced the Congress led parliament to accept its demands and the Indian population comes out on roads to protest usual rape-like incidents. To keep the Nehru dynasty alive, presently headed by an Italian born lady, the Congress has come out to revive its policy of Pakistan bashing. Excuses are being sought to divert the attention of Indians, who have just tasted the fruits of peace initiated by Pakistan and strengthened it by conferring MFN status on India. Its Afghanistan's policy has also started slipping out of its hands.

  2. India should also don't think Pakistan is weak because it is also nuclear country as India is.Pakistan also want peace but it don't means India keep violating LoC and destabilizing Pakistan internally by supporting and funding anti Pakistan elements.Also India,s dual standard wont help bring peace.One side you are talking about peace on other side your violating LoC as well as destabilizing Pakistan internally.Your own media said India first violated ceasefire.

  3. Its going to take understanding on both sides,India nor Pakistan can afford a war,if there is one,there will be no winners only destruction,loss of thousands of innocent lives,does anyone want that? not us here in the U S,the Indian and Pakistani community who live in peace side by side.The governments of these 2 countries need to become responsible and do whats best for the people of their countries,NONE OF US WANT WAR,they are both to be blamed,they start the wars and then they go hide while the public pays the price.

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