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DEA agents got prostitute as secret service agent

The Drug Enforcement Administration’s alleged role in the Secret Service prostitution scandal has been confirmed. A pair of DEA agents set up a liaison between a Secret Service agent and a prostitute in Colombia in April 2012, a Justice Department probe that is just now coming to light finds. Another DEA agent wasn’t involved in that particular episode, but all three admitted paying for prostitutes and using “their DEA Blackberry devices to arrange such activities.”
The DEA agents also attempted to destroy evidence or lie to investigators, according to the report, via NBC News. But disciplinary action is up to the DEA itself; “legal proceedings” weren’t deemed necessary. Sen. Susan Collins wrote this week to the DEA to ask why its “administrative actions” on the matter “are still pending”; an agency rep says the issue is “currently under review.” But a DEA official has said the Justice Department presented its investigation’s conclusions in September of last year.

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