Park at your own risk!


The City District Government Lahore (CDGL) authorities have silently changed the law protecting vehicles at parking sites allegedly to favor contractors leaving thousands of vehicles at the mercy of robbers, Pakistan Today has learnt.
According to details, a contractor was responsible for the protection of vehicles parked at his site in case of theft. The only exception to this rule was in case of natural disasters such as windstorms or terrorist attacks.
However, the tickets issued on the parking sites by the new Lahore Parking Company (Le Park) of CDGL clearly mentions that in case of theft the company will not be responsible for the loss. Normally, there is always a placard on the parking sites notifying citizens that the contractor is not responsible for the loss or theft of cars.
A former district officer, on the condition of anonymity told Pakistan Today that the contractor had been responsible for the safety of vehicle in case of theft. The change in policy, he said, was “strange.”
The shift in policy by the company will give ample opportunity to robbers to select and steal vehicles.
Reacting to the news, a commuter Ahmad Hassan said, “We were expecting some good news from the parking company but I think the district government has to take notice against the company to change the conditions stated in the ticket.”
Another commuter Raza Shahid told Pakistan Today, “It is just that they want to generate the revenue instead of assuring the safety of the vehicles. We would prefer giving more money to the private parking owner so that our vehicles remain safe.”
The move is seen as favouring the newly-established Le parking company as the old contractors said they were responsible for the theft of vehicle.
Talking to Pakistan Today, an official of the Le-Park said “There is no specific law that says the company or the particular contractor is responsible for the stolen vehicle.”
The official further said that the company only generates revenue against the parking site and ensuring safety of the vehicle was very expensive.