Pakistan Auto show 2013 begins today


The Pakistan Association of Automotive Parts and Accessories Manufacturers (PAAPAM) is holding Pakistan Auto Show 2013 at the Expo Centre, Karachi, from Friday (today), which will showcase the achievements of Pakistan’s automotive industry and auto parts manufacturing sectors.
“This mega event will be visited by a large number of visitors and buyers from around the world, while over 150 multinational and national companies will display their products at the exhibition,” said PAAPAM Chairman Munir Bana.
He said this exhibition would be a thoroughfare of the true engineering and manufacturing diversity of Pakistani companies, thus providing an opportunity to forge new alliances and business ventures. He also called upon the government to play a part in organising such mega exhibitions, adding that this show had been financed completely by PAAPAM and the automobile industry of the country.
Bana strongly urged the government to ensure adequate and exclusive export promotions for the engineering sector. “We expect that the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) would support our initiatives, both locally and abroad, for these efforts are geared towards our national interest, with the aim of promoting exports and introducing new technologies,” Bana said. In Pakistan, the local industry assembles cars, motorcycles, tractors, and heavy vehicles such as trucks and buses, and also hosts major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) such as Toyota, Honda, Suzuki and Massey Ferguson.
PAAPAM Vice Chairman Usman Malik further said that Germany, with the collaboration of its government, holds the world’s largest auto exhibition every year in which only a dozen companies from Pakistan participated, while hundreds of firms from our neighbouring countries displayed their products in the show. Malik further said with steady growth in the automotive parts manufacturing industry in the region, the 2013 exhibition in Karachi will play a crucial role in the economic development of Pakistan’s automobile-related market, both locally and internationally. The show will be a perfect place to approach a potential buyer and meet existing customers, he underlined.