Lenovo rolls out 27-inch ‘Table’ PC


8 Tablet too small for you? Try an entire table. Lenovo is releasing a 27-inch Windows 8 PC billed as a computer for multiple users, CNET reports. A wheeled stand (which may not reach the US) invites users to gather ’round, while another concept turns the computer into a coffee table. Much of the software demonstrated so far consists of games, with joysticks and air hockey paddles to go with them. So how good is the IdeaCentre Horizon, with versions at $999 and $1,699? A look at some early reactions: It’s “very, really, incredibly silly and dumb. But that’s not a bad thing!” notes Kyle Wagner at Gizmodo. The all-in-one “seems like the kind of thing that all your friends might not actually want, but would be more than happy to come over to your house and play with.”

8 The Verge offers a similar sentiment: The Horizon is “almost as cool as the Microsoft Surface—but much more gimmicky.” Still, it’s “definitely fun to use and play with.”
8 Chris Burns at SlashGear is more complimentary, pointing to “fabulous viewing angles and a rather realistically nice setup—in other words, it felt as though we’d really, actually use it in the real world. Not such a thing can be said about all massive touchscreen devices such as this.”