Two vehicles donated


President Brookes Pharma Senator A Haseeb Khan and founder of Ajar Foundation Saleem Kan have presented two vehicles (capacity to carry 450 litters blood) of mobile blood bank service to Indus Hospital and Fatimid Foundation at a simple but impressive ceremony. Lt General (r) Moinuddin Haider, Chairman Fatimid Foundation, and Dr Akhtar Aziz, Director Technical, Indus Hospital, received the vehicles on behalf of the respective organisations. Two very unique side cabs having capacity of carrying 150 litters of blood on Honda 100cc were invented by Ajar Foundation Saleem Khan and Razi Nayyar to carry blood from one place to other. Senator Haseeb Khan said the vehicles would help carry blood from one place to other and quick transportation in case of emergency. Male donors can give blood after every 12 weeks, he said, adding that’s approximately every three months. Female donors can give blood after every 16 weeks or approximately every four months, he added.