Kate Winslet’s husband fights tabloids over party pics


Kate Winslet’s husband may have chosen the name Ned Rocknroll for himself, but he’s not as willing to let his partying ways be revealed to the masses as his moniker might have one believing!
Word broke Monday that Kate Winslet’s husband is fighting tabloid giant The Sun in an effort to keep them from publishing photos from a costume party two years ago. Exactly who is in the images, what they’re wearing and what activities they’re engaging in remains a mystery at this point — though the newlywed himself deemed them “outrageous.”
Appealing to the High Court, Ned Rocknroll has argued that if The Sun publishes the party pictures of him, his privacy will have been invaded.
Rocknroll, born Ned Abel Smith, went on to argue there is no public interest in running the photos, taken in 2010 when he was a “relative nobody.” He and Kate Winslet began dating in Aug. of 2011 while both vacationed at the Necker Island home of Richard Branson, who is Ned’s uncle.
David Sherbourne, lawyer for the man seen here in October of 2011 snuggled up to his future wife, is quoted as saying the costume-party photos are “innocent but naive.”
The UK’s The Telegraph went on to report Ned Rocknroll’s argument includes fear that his new stepchildren (Kate Winslet’s 9-year-old son Joe and 12-year-old daughter Mia born during two previous marriages) may be bullied if the photos are released.
Arguing for The Sun, Desmond Brown stated, “We say he is a public figure. Mr RocknRoll has propelled himself into the position of public figure… He tries to pretend his lifestyle is not rock and roll at all. That does not hold water.”