Badr, Malik helped Sadiq flee!


The National Accountability Bureau will be presenting a report in the Supreme Court today (Wednesday) in which it is likely to tell the court that former OGRA chief Tauqir Sadiq had managed to escape arrest with the help of his close relative Jehangir Badr, Pakistan People’s Party’s leader of the House in the Senate, a private TV channel reported on Tuesday. The report says Badr helped Sadiq escape to Islamabad through the Motorway (M-2). It adds that Badr later helped Sadiq flee the country with the help of Interior Minister Rehman Malik. The NAB report says NAB Director General Operations Colonel (r) Shehzad disposed off the arrest warrants issued for Sadiq in October 2012. The startling revelations would follow extensive SC pressure on NAB for the arrest of former OGRA chief Tauqir Sadiq. Sadiq is accused of fraud amounting to Rs 82 billion with the national exchequer by misusing authority and embezzling funds by converting operating income into non-operating income in violation of an agreement signed with the Asian Development Bank and World Bank, relocating several CNG stations and making illegal appointments. The authorities had told the SC earlier this month that the accused had fled to Dubai on a fake passport, making the court order his immediate arrest. However, when the given time for the arrest lapsed, NAB said Sadiq had again fled to Nepal. On November 25, 2011, the court had declared Sadiq’s appointment as OGRA chairman illegal and had ordered the NAB to investigate corruption cases against him and submit its findings within 45 days. The court had observed that five people were involved in the illegal appointment of Sadiq, including incumbent Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf.


  1. Criminal charges need to be brought against both Malik and Badar for harbouring the accused and for being an accssory to crime.

  2. The best thing can happen to Pakistan. Army TAKEOVER and shoot or hang these Ass holes in public .

    • This will be short term solution which we tried in the past more than once and it has hurt us in the long run. Because army is also corrupted after 6months to one yr time. See yourself the history with General Musharraf. I do not have to tell you.
      We have to improve the rule of law.We have to increase the financial penalty for doing bad things. It is the money and power which makes the person corrupt especially if there are no consequences.
      Also improve the tax system of the country. For rich people, the tax rate is 25% and very few of them pay it.If some body does not pay tax, the FBR must confiscate his property and sell it in public auction for the amount of taxes.
      So what I am saying is there are other ways in life except for military take over.
      Thanks for reading my response.

    • You are right. Media has the power to manipulate the facts or to give us half story. I am just giving example. Mr altaf Husain is out of the country for so many yrs. this guy is now British national. This guy can not come back to Pakistan for what ever reason.He should be basically trashed and no importance should be given to him or to his statement But media is still projecting him.This is malpractice by media.

  3. I agree with you.Keep both of them in jail till Sadiq shows up. Then prosecute all three of them together. In the mean time court should order confiscation of their properties and freezing of their accounts including the accounts of their spouses.Confiscate their personal assets also like cars, anything under their name.

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