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Private Hospital refuses to treat Nigerian prisoner

A private hospital refused to admit a Nigerian prisoner even though he was in a critical condition. The prisoner had had a brain haemorrhage and was taken to the hospital in serious condition but the hospital administration refused to admit him and sent him back to Adiala Jail. According to jail sources, Christopher had been arrested for cyber crime and had suffered a brain haemorrhage during his imprisonment. He had been shifted to the District Headquarter Hospital for medical aid three weeks ago where doctors advised surgery so the clot could be removed. However the prisoner refused to undergo surgery in that hospital. The prison administration had contacted the Nigerian embassy and advised treatment at the PIMS hospital, but Christopher had insisted on treatment at an international hospital located in the middle of the city.
Adiala Jail officials had written a letter to the ANF requesting them to provide a guard during the prisoner’s treatment at the private international hospital, but when Christopher was taken there the hospital administration refused to admit him, saying it was difficult for them to provide security to a criminal.

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  1. SHB said:

    DHQ must have called first to the private hosp to check whether they would accept the case. This is the standard procedure.

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