Outrage in India as guru blames Delhi rape victim


A prominent Indian spiritual guru has reportedly said that the girl gang-raped in Delhi on December 16th is to be blamed for the incident.
Known to his followers as “Bapu”, the self proclaimed godman said that the December 16th incident was not only the fault of the attackers but the girl as well.
He said in a video footage that the tragedy could have been avoided if the girl had chanted Gods name and begged for mercy at the feet of the attackers.
This comes along side a series of similar sexist statements made by several influential people. The son of India’s president Abhijit Mukherjee last month compared women who took part in gang rape victim protests to patched up second hand cars.
A spokesman for the Hindu Nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Ravi Shankar said that the statement was deeply disturbing and painful.
The accused men who raped a girl in Delhi on December 16th appeared before a judge


  1. It would be interesting to see if godman "Bapu" could "force" someone to stop assaulting him by just chanting god's name. I wonder if it would work for him?

  2. I wonder if bapu has any sister or daughters and they being raped would he be saying the same thing that if they have chantted gods name that the rapist will not rape them i think the bapu nedds death penalty too

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