Malik meets Qadri, assures security for long march


Interior Minister Rehman Malik on Monday assured Tehreek Minhajul Quran International (MQI) chief Dr Tahirul Qadri that tight security will be provided to the participants of his long march scheduled for January 14.
Talking to reporters after the meeting, Malik said that he has nominated the Islamabad commissioner and IG police from the government’s side to work with Qadri’s staff to ensure security. “I’m here to facilitate him; we are not going to resist the march and we will work out the security issues,” he said.
Speaking about Qadri’s agenda, Malik said we all want an evil-free Pakistan and the points raised by Qadri are all valid.
Talking to reporters after Malik, Qadri said that his charter of demands calling for electoral reforms does not include anything unconstitutional, nor does it call for postponement of elections. The MQI chief said that he does not intend to derail democracy, rather wants to strengthen it. He said his charter seeks to build capacity, the space in law to hold elections in the manner enshrined in the constitution. Qadri said that they did not speak on the terms of the charter of demands. “It is correct that we did not have negotiations on terms. Since I had made it clear that if there are any negotiations on electoral reforms, then they will be held with the prime minister in the presence of other cabinet members, including Rehman Malik,” he said.
“The movement is not to favour any particular party or group but to make the democratic setup in the country subject to the constitution.” “Our objective is to make democracy in Pakistan true, and for the public. To get people their rights back. For the supremacy of the Constitution,” said Qadri.