Hafiz Saeed urges solution to Balochistan crisis


Jamaatud Dawa ( JuD) chief Hafiz Saeed on Tuesday said the government should take steps to resolve the issues confronting Balochistan on an emergency basis.
Speaking to media representatives after meeting with Jamhoori Watan Party (JWP) chief Talal Akbar Bugti, the JuD chief said the government no longer had the room to further delay on addressing the issues.
During the meeting, the two discussed Balochistan’s security situation as well as the country’s political situation.
Saeed told reporters that the government should take immediate steps to resolve the issues confronting Balochistan, adding that difficulties would increase in case the province’s issues remain unsolved.
Saeed further said that Balochistan should not be made to undergo a military operation.
He moreover questioned as to who would put a stop to “Indian interference” in the province.
The JuD chief added that his party would host an all parties’ conference on Balochistan.
On the occasion, Bugti said he would not support any artificially installed leadership in Balochistan, adding that an all parties’ conference would soon be called to discuss the province’s issues.


  1. He wants to start his jihad business in Baluchistan too as in Kashmir side these days this term terrorism is gone declined as Pakistan army and its intelligence groups are busy in collecting their gems of terrorism which have been spread all over Pakistan.Burt as he cant think other than it so Baluchistan is best place for him where Under FC he can chase his shia targets.

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      What's your theory on:
      "… questioned as to who would put a stop to “Indian interference” in the province."

      • This rehman malik and ISPR theory of" Indian interference" has already proved failed.Go and find their grievance or listen the pleas of relatives of missing people who are pointing fingers toward Pakistanis agencies and FC men.

        • .
          I can see that he is not a solutioner …
          But doesn't he have a good cashflow thru charity drive? One way or other he is going to use it to buy something!

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