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Punjab govt suspends, transfers young doctors

The Punjab government on Sunday issued notifications regarding the suspension and transfer of several leaders of the Young Doctors Association (YDA). Healthcare facilities were restored in all government hospitals as Young Doctors. On Saturday, the young doctors resumed their duties at hospitals all over Punjab after the association gave a deadline of six days to the provincial government to accept their demands.
However, YDA doctors warned the provincial government that they would go on strike again unless their service structure is restored.
Earlier, on Thursday, YDA leaders stormed into the office of Gujranwala District Headquarters Hospital medical superintendent and beat him up along with some journalists trying to cover the incident. Incensed over the arrest of the young doctors responsible, the YDA went on strike.
However, the young doctors had to give in to the strict measures being planned by the Pakistan Medical Association and the Punjab government against the doctors responsible for the manhandling of the MS. The strike was brought to an end on Saturday.

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  1. SHB said:

    Punjab govt. should terminate these doctors. Period. No need to transfer to any other hosp or city.please let them go from health dept of Punjab. No body gave any life time guarantee for the job.Life does not come with job guarantee.
    If they strike in future, fire those doctors from the job. Hire new one over the next few months.
    Actually you can start hiring right now and let these trouble maker go home, after giving them two or three months notice.
    Their services are no more needed.

  2. Raheem said:

    PMLN Punjab government is the worst form of political pageantry and swindle one can ever imagine. Whilst half of the province children are unable to attend schools in their lifetime, The Chief Minister runs around handing out laptops like a Maharaja out to buy their subjects’ loyalty by showering crumbs of breads around. Not just the establishment backed, but every self respecting Pakistan has decided to rid Punjab of PML-N, and it couldn’t come sooner. And what about the wastage of money on failed schemes …from Sasti roti, IT labs,Danish School and now laptop drama ..Please name anyone which is the success story …. are they paying money from there pocket or they are wasting our money generated from taxes ..

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