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Food Department increases wheat quota of mills to bring down flour prices

Sindh Food Department has taken measures to provide wheat flour to the citizens at the fixed rate of Rs 32 per kilogram, a spokesman of the department said on Sunday. The spokesman said the food department while following the instructions of minister Nadir Magsi, had decided to increase the wheat quota of flour mills from 300 bags to 500 per mill per month according to daily requirement, to stabilise flour prices in the province. It may be mentioned here that flour prices have shot up recently to Rs 40 per kilogram, while the number of flour mills in Karachi was above 100. In addition there were also over 3,000 small grinding units (chakis) in the metropolitan. The spokesman said that an equal quota of wheat was being supplied to flour mills operating in Karachi and the rest of Sindh.

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  1. Noran danish said:

    A 1000 ton wheat is hiden during transit from inner sindh to hawksbay from july 2012 to jan 2013. Ghani the incharge of govt hired had intered it in records, the subodintes were not were ristricted to note the truck # or to count the wheats bags on weighbridge. Now ghani is busy for litigation, hod successfuly won a wheat case of thosands of ton from NLC. Ghani an FG Inspector is optimist to save the stealth.

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