‘Outspoken’ PAC members threaten chairman of walkout from meetings


Rift between the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) members has become visible as few members of the body have threatened PAC Chairman Nadeem Afzal Gondal to stage walkouts or boycott the upcoming meetings of the body if they are not given a free hand, Pakistan Today has learnt. PAC member Noor Alam Khan and Gondal, both hailing from Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) had been friends for a long time and had been observed supporting each other on various Parliamentary as well as party issues. However, since Gondal took charge of the committee, the rift between the two has become so visible that during proceedings the chairman has often been seen trying to restrict Khan from presenting his point of view, said sources. Sources told Pakistan Today that three PAC members including Noor Alam Khan, Saeed Zafar and Hamid Hirraj paid a visit to Gondal’s office, warning him of walkouts from meetings. Per reports, they informed Gondal that they are not ready to tolerate any restrictions on their point of views for it is their fundamental right to express themselves as members of PAC, disregarding how influential the bureaucrat sitting in front might be. Unconfirmed reports also claim that these members accused the chairman of establishing good ties with bureaucrats, while keeping rest of the members in isolation. Sources said during meetings of the body when Noor Alam Khan or other members grill bureaucrats on their audit paras, the chairman interferes asking them to keep their tones soft and often restricts them from speaking.