Indo-Pak trade would not erode Pakistan’s industrial base


Pak India Business Council (PIBC) Chairman Noor Muhammad Kasuri on Sunday said that trade with India would eliminate monopolies inside Pakistan, adding that the business communities and consumers of both the countries would benefit from trade liberalization.
Talking to APP he said that fears of the Pakistani business fraternity that the Indian imports would diminish demand of Pakistani products were baseless. He said that it had been proved that trade liberalisation propels growth, adding,that those business cartels rallying against liberalisation, wanted to exploit consumers. He concluded by stating that “on he basis of a detailed study by PIBC on different sectors of the economy, we can say with authority that improved trade with India will be in the interest of Pakistan and all fears of exploitation by Indian businessmen have no worth. PIBC assures the business community that it will not support any move against the interest of the national economy. It also appreciates the government of Pakistan and its institutions for adopting a supportive stance on trade”.