Ijazul Haq fails to get ‘amnesty’ from Sharifs


Despite repeated requests, the PML-Zia chief Ijazul Haq could not get ‘amnesty’ from the Sharif brothers, and no senior member of the PML-N attended the marriage ceremony of his son, Usmanul Haq. However, PML-Q chief Chaudhry Shujaat along with other party leaders was present at the marriage ceremony. Some PML-N activists though, attended the function. According to sources, Ijazul Haq was confident that someone from the Sharif family would attend his son’s marriage ceremony, which would prove fruitful for his future politics, but his hope did not materialise. Ijazul Haq was visibly disappointed over the cold attitude by the Sharifs and passed on his sentiments to some PML-N members present on the occasion.