Glory of Aitchison must be restored: Makhdum Ahmad


Punjab Governor Makhdum Ahmad Mahmud on Saturday said that the glory and dignity of Aitchison College would have to be restored at any cost and no compromise would be made in the standard of education, admission and the appointments of the faculty. Speaking at the first informal meeting of the new Board of Governors, Mahmud said that the institution should not only produce good students but also principled human beings.
At the meeting, it was decided that the academic standard at the college should be at par with international institutions. It was also decided that all admissions to the school should be made on merit and any violation in this regard would not be tolerated.
Furthermore, it was also suggested that an endowment fund be established with the help of the school’s alumni to help the deserving students.
The meeting concluded that the appointments of the faculty would be publicised in a transparent manner.
The governor said that the faculty had to be “top class and affordable”, adding that there should be no compromise on the integrity, dignity and quality of education at the institute.
It was also decided that attendance of all students was mandatory. Furthermore, the ban on smoking on campus and use of mobile phones in classroom was issued.