Gas supply to city mills stopped


Gas supply to the industries in Karachi has been suspended for 48 hours from Saturday morning after continuing gas shutdown in the mills in Punjab. Sui Southern Gas Company has shutdown the gas supplies to factories in Karachi which will now resume on Monday morning at 7:00 am.
The gas supply to industrial consumers has been suspended for two days as the supply to domestic consumers is the foremost priority, the gas utility said in a statement. The traders have criticised the gas shutdown decision and demanded immediate restoration of gas supply to the factories. The said after energy crisis, the gas shutdown will completely halt the industrial activity.
Moreover, the domestic consumers in several areas of Karachi are also facing gas load shedding.
Shortage of gas has deepened across these areas when the winter season started. Due to gas load shedding households of these parts of the city were unable to cook meals from morning till midnight when the gas was restored, complain the residents of these areas.