Democracy is future of the country: PM


Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf on Saturday said completion of five-year tenure by the coalition government against various odds is a testimony of the fact that politics in Pakistan has matured and no one can harm it.
Addressing a public meeting in Chakwal, he said democracy is the future of the country and no one could snatch it.
The PM said media and judiciary were talking about democracy in the country and military leadership was also pro-democracy.
He said he held talks with the political leaders on Friday and they all agreed on democracy in the country. The premier said there is no other way, but democracy. He said that after the next five years of the elected government‚ democracy would be strengthened further.
The PM assured that elections would be held on time and there would be no delay. He said elections were a trust of the people and these would be returned to the people and whoever voted to power would serve the people.
He said PPP founder Zulfikar Ali Bhutto gave a role to the people in the politics. He said reconciliation policy of the Pakistan People’s Party would continue. He said slain PPP chairwoman Benazir Bhutto gave this vision in 2008 to meet challenges and for a prosperous country. He said President Asif Zardari had implemented the vision of Benazir Bhutto and made a coalition government.
He accepted all demands of the people relating to the development of the area. He also ordered officials concerned to immediately start work on the development projects of the area.
Democracy a must for progress, says Nawaz

President of his own faction of the Pakistan Muslim League, Nawaz Sharif, on Saturday said that the country could not move on path of development and progress without democracy. The PML-N president was talking to Jamiat Ah-e-Hadith chief Senator Sajid Mir who called on Nawaz at Raiwind. During the meeting, both leaders discussed prevailing political situation and other current issues of the country. They also agreed to cooperate in strengthening democracy and resolving problems in the future. They also demanded that the government hold upcoming general polls on scheduled time. During the meeting, Nawaz said institutions of the country could not be strengthened without democracy. He said that “remote-controlled people” were befooling the masses by talking of electoral reforms and bringing change in the country, adding that their nefarious agenda would be foiled. The PML-N chief said that democracy would be protected at any cost and general elections would be held on time. He said that undemocratic forces brought the country to the brink of destruction which gave rise to terrorism, inflation and unemployment, adding that only democracy could safeguard the integrity of the country.


  1. This prime minister who is concern for is securtiy,(from photo),but don't take step to solve bomb blast & terrorism problem of the country…………….

  2. It is amazing how often the word democracy is used thesedays as if the present regime is undemocratic. What we fail to tell the people is what sort of democracy are we aiming for. We have always ended up by having capitalist democray where it is essential to ensure those who own the country are happy and comfortable or else all will suffer. They control the investments etc. For the homeless and the hungry in the streets they can only hope for the trickle down prosperity. They are there only to be rented! They don't own the country .They live there. When did a poor man reached the top in politics in Pakistan . He would be a security risk. Democracy is a game of illusion played by the rich and landed for the poor who dance to their tune. Democracy in Pakistan produces nothing but a bigger pool of more unemployed and more frustrated youngster. I have repeatedly requested teh present Govt . to show it's accomplishments but there is no response—only the slogan more democracy. The game of illusion must go on. Give us five more years and we will deliver what we have not delivered previously and we buy this?

  3. In the last sixty years we have had three types of democracies in Pakistan. First we had the basic democracy in Pakistan under President Ayub where Zab was in the cabinet. Ayub brought the presidential form. He engaged a team from Harvard and brought about green revolutation in the country. There were visible signs of prosperity. Other countries envied us but the prosperity was short lived thanks to a disastrous war but still it was a capitalist democracy which is in practice again now.
    The second democracy came under ZAB.The slogan Rotti, kappra , makan became vogue. The landed were almost made landless but the well connected amongst them ZAB and Khar never gave an inch of there land. They only redistibuted it amongst their kith and kin. The wealthy shifted their capital abroad and brought the countries to it.s knees. It proved disastrous for Bhutto, he was toppled and executed. The public rejoiced. The experiment failed.
    Next came Zia"s democracy with the help of Arab largesses. The landlords were back, the indrusalist brought back their wealth. The poor did not go hungry but the education system was changed into islamic type and again the country came to it's knees thanks to Afgah war. Now we are back to Capitalist form of democracy. We are back to square one.

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