Application moved in SC for reopening of Kohistan case


Afzal Kohistani on Saturday filed an application in the Supreme Court requesting it to reopen suo-motu proceedings into the killing of five girls in Kohistan over a video scandal as his three brothers have been killed and remaining are on hit list.
He contended that his three brothers have been killed by those who earlier murdered the five girls on January 3, adding that the killing of his brothers was part of the video scandal. Kohistani said that he and his remaining brothers were on the hit list.
Speaking at a ceremony on Friday, Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Chaudhry has said the court would reopen the case after receiving a fresh application from the aggrieved party. It is expected that the court will hear the matter on Monday.
In the application, Kohistani requested that on the publicity of video of five dancing girls and boys, a jirga was convened by their rival party in which it was decided to kill the dancing girls and his brothers, appeared in the video.
He reiterated that in response to jirga verdict the girls were slaughtered, adding that he raised the issue in the media, saying his brothers would also be killed in case of no timely action.