Violence claimed 6,059 lives in 2012, says report


During 2012, Pakistan continued to suffer under different types of violence, including target killing, bombings and drone attacks, which resulted in death of as many as 6,059 people in the country.
According to the data compiled by a think-tank, Centre for Research and Security Studies (CRSS), revealed that almost 15 percent decline in violence was noticed during 2012 as compared to 2011.
The report said that in total 389 bombings and suicide attacks that took place in the county in 2012 as many as 937 people were killed, including 709 civilians, 130 security persons and 102 militants. While in 56 landmine explosions some 65 people were killed in 2012.
Similarly, 49 drone attacks were conducted on Pakistani soil which claimed 345 lives in last year.
The study also informed that approximately 1,564 people were killed in 1,324 incidents of target killings in Karachi and various areas of Balochistan, whereas 618 bodies were found from across the country in 2012.
In Karachi alone, as many as 991 people were dead in 791 violent attacks. Among these, 917 were civilians and 74 security forces officials. Similarly, target killings in KP surged by 42 percent with police, paramilitary and prominent political personalities being prime targets. As a whole, 6,059 persons died during 2012, as a result of 2,536 incidents of violence. Likewise, some 309 rocket and mortar attacks were also reported during 2012 due to which 263 people, including 117 security forces personnel, lost their lives. The report also read that terrorists had blown up some 116 schools in KP and FATA.