Use of mobile phone during duty banned in all jails


The use of mobile phones by officers on duty was banned in all jails across the province on Friday.
Regional Deputy Inspector General of Prisons, Mubashar Ahmad Khan said that Punjab Prisons Chief Farooq Nazeer had banned the use of all mobile phones by officers on duty, with the exception of superintendent and deputy superintendent jails.
He further said that at least 5,2000 inmates were confined in all 32 jails across the province and for effective security in and around the prisons, a modern network of jammers was also being installed under a phased programme.
The orders banning the use of cell phones by officials on duty came after the Prisons chief conducted a surprise visit to Lahore Central Jail where he saw a warden, Inayat, using a mobile phone.
He threw away the warden’s phone and Rs 400 in a trash can and suspended the official.
Meanwhile, Senior Superintendent Gulzar Ahmad Butt recovered three mobile phones from prisoners and placed them in solitary confinement for one month.
Superintendent Camp Jail Ejaz Asghar, in a crack down against the use of cell phones by inmates, also recovered 34 cell phones with accessories from secret body parts of prisoners while seven were retrieved after detection through screening and x-rays machines.


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