Prof. Khurshid concerned over paradigm shift in military doctrine


Jamaate Islami Naib Amir and former Senator Professor Khurshid Ahmad expressed serious concern over the radical change in the military doctrine in Pakistan, shifting focus from external threats to internal threats “While there is no denying that terrorism has become a serious challenge, the counter-terrorism strategy suggested by the Parliament in the form of two resolutions (October 2008 and May 2011) and a detailed report of the Parliamentary Committee on National Security (2009) has been totally neglected by the government,” Ahmad pointed out. He emphasised that the suggested paradigm shift in the military doctrine must be carefully reviewed to assess how far it follows the guidelines of the Parliament and to what extent it represents a departure from them. Prof. Khurshid expressed fear that the government was failing in its duty to lay down clear parameters for the military doctrine in light of the constitution and resolution of the Parliament, leaving vital matters to the Armed Forces whose professional input was essential, but the final decision, he said, ought to be made by the civil authority as laid down in the constitution.