MQM files petition seeking exemption for Altaf Hussain in contempt hearing


The Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) on Friday filed a petition in the Supreme Court to seek exemption for party chief Altaf Hussain from appearing in the apex court on January 7. The petition was submitted at the SC’s Karachi Registry by Qazi Khalid Ali and Farogh Nasem.
According to the petition, Altaf’s admirers believed his life would be at risk if he came to Pakistan and Dr Farooq Sattar wanted to appear before the apex court on Altaf’s behalf. The petition further states that the political leadership of the country had been at risk during the last five years which was evident from the assassination of Benazir Bhutto and Bashir Bilour. The apex court had issued a contempt of court notice to Altaf and his party’s deputy convener Dr Farooq Sattar on December 14 over the former’s derogatory remarks against the SC judges.
The notice was issued during the hearing of a case on Karachi’s law and order. The chief justice had stated that he had read the text of a speech made by the MQM chief and had found it to be offensive and threatening. The language used in the speech was tantamount to an attempt to obstruct justice, he had said.


  1. MQM first pray to leave for thier double standard i.e. to be in government and be in opposition with imported Canadian national. Not new Mr. Altaf Hussain also a British national and unnecessary interferring in our country's affairs. Both should pay attention to thier own countries adopted i.e. Canada and Britiain. If Altaf Hussain is of fear of his death, it seems he has no Eman on Allah, because the death is certain a fixed time.

  2. Every person living in Karachi and Sindh fears for their lives,why should he be any different,he is not any more special then any Pakistani.Infact,he should feel pretty safe considering he has an army of trouble makes at MQM.I would love to read that he is seeking exempt from "HANGING" instead of hearing.

  3. altaf bahi should make a try to at least land in Pakistan for few hours only .It is request to him from those who consider him the most cowardice and cheap political leader of Karachi.

  4. Why this monster be exempted from attending the SCP. Is he special?? He claims that he is a brave man then why he does not go to Pakistan. He is a coward of highest order. He derives power through the barrel of AK-47.

  5. What is wrong in seeking exemption. MQM deserves appreciation for siding Qadri to change the dynsatic politics of the country.We should stop criticizing MQM for doing good job.This is a slap on the face of the government that their own coalition party is backing long march.

    People should know the chnage is inevitable now.It is difficult to stop this storm If Qadri does not matter why media is spending most of the time on Qdri's long march. Qadri has achieved what he wanted. Just imagine PML(N) characterless have joined hands with Zardari. This is not going to help anyone.

    Seek apology from Allah and forget about politics, that is the only way out.If Qadri does not matter what is the fuss about?

    • Do not leave to allah. Try to settle the problem of this world during this life. Do not give all the responsibility to ALLAH. Be responsible for your own actions.

      Did you hear that joke. Once there was quake in USA. Angel notified to GOD. GOD did not show any reaction. Following yr ,there was Quake in Pakistan. The moment GOD was notified, he stood up and said. Ihave to go now to Pakistan. Angels said why? GOD said They are going to put all the responsiblity on me.
      So please accept responsibility of your actions. Thanks

  6. Pakistan mein kis ki jaan ko khatra nahin hai??? Ye to Pakistanion ka mazaq urane wali baat hai. Wese to jagirdarana zehniat ki mukhalfat mein bolte bolte MQM walon ke munh mein chale par gae hain. What is Jagirdarana soch??? It is the soch of exemptions and special treatments. What is the difference then , he is also seeking exemption. And by the way what is leadership? It is nothing but leading from the front. You face the perils what your people are facing and specially when many of them are of your own making. And then they say that MQM workers are concerned about his life and they do not allow him to come home. Rehne do yaar kise suna rahe ho. Mein bhi MQM ka worker raha hua hun. Meri to khwahish hai ke Altaf bhai wapis aen. Wese bhi unhen mile hue bara arsa ho gia hai. ham apni jaan de den gai lekin Altaf bhai ko kuch nahin hone dain gey.

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