HT asks its friends in army to come to the fore


Responding to Pakistan Army’s Green Book, the country’s “internal threat” Hizbut Tahrir has called on sincere officers in the armed forces to work with it to get rid of “alleged traitors” in their lines, as the group believes it is time to openly come to the fore before it is too late.
“We are the ones Pakistan Army chief General Ashfaq Kayani called ‘amorphous enemy’ in his speech at the 98th Midshipmen Commissioning term and 7th SSC Officer’s class in Karachi,” an e-mail to Pakistan Today from Hizbut Tahrir (HuT) headquarters’ said.
“Earlier, we requested the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), which is another threat for traitors within the armed forces, to reject talks with the authorities and side only with Khilafah Rashida over Pakistan and Afghanistan.”
“Khilafah would establish correct footing for Muslim armed forces as assets available to Islam’s foreign policy, along with political means.”
“The Khilafah state would establish massive and comprehensive industrialisation to establish military superiority in weaponry and would help unify all Muslim lands as one state under one Khalifa. The Khilafa would end all occupation on Muslims soil, like the Jewish state and Indian occupation of Kashmir.”
“It will eject all hostile actors, such as American presence in Pakistan and will call to other non-hostile, non-Muslim states by inviting them to Islam and rejecting oppression of America and its man-made system.” “So HT calls on sincere officers in the country’ armed forces to work hand in hand with us to rid of these traitors and establish Khilafah in its place,” the e-mail added.
Backing its argument, the HT alleged that in the final year of his service, General Kayani was working hard to change the mentality of the armed forces so that after his departure, the war of ‘fitna’ remained in its place.
“As it was not enough for him to set a stage for a face-change of political traitors, he has indulged himself in making sure that he is succeeded by military traitors.”
“In a significant revision to green book, General Kayani enshrined America’s war of fitna as an inviolable part of the military doctrine, as the US has been earlier pressurising Pakistan to change its India-centric policy and declare the ‘internal threat’ as the biggest threat to the security of the country.”
“To change this doctrine and to change focus of our armed forces from India to our own internal tribal territory, General Kayani used the incidents of Abbottabad and Salala attack, as these incidents in reality proved that our actual enemy was the US, but the army chief used these incidents as an excuse to further ignite the war of fitna and burn our sons in the armed forces and the citizens in this war.”
“HT reminds all those who care about Islam, its people and Pakistan that this change in doctrine will serve to open a new chapter of humiliation and slavery of Pakistan by non-Muslim states.”
“We have requested the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), which is another threat for traitors within the armed forces, to announce rejection of surrender talks and express stance of siding only with Khilafah Rashida over Pakistan and Afghanistan.”
“It is difficult to understand that any of the Taliban would even consider such a peace plan after having sacrificed so much time, effort and the money and spilling so much blood.”
“By all accounts, the root and branches of the peace plan seek only to safeguard the US wavering rule in the region and that of its puppets in the Afghan government.”
“There is no doubt that this plan is an insult to countless Pakistani and Afghan civilians who have lost their lives in their service to protect Islam and would be despicable affront to thousands of martyrs and tens of thousands of mujahideen who made the US and his allies kneel and search for a hasty exit from Afghanistan.”
“The TTP’s only valid political goal is the re-establishment of the Khilafah Rashida, which entails giving the bayah to the Khaleefah who will rule in accordance with the Quran, Sunnah, Ijama Sahaba and Qiyas and any other political outcome, short of this goal is null and void.” “Only the complete implementation of Islam in all walks of life is sought and partial implementation is rejected in all its forms.”


  1. And in doing so, has revealed itself as hand in glove with the TTP and against Pakistan and everything it stood for.

  2. that is the wrong and misleading concept of some less educated people, who are unaware of the situation on ground . pak or afg are not strong enough to make that dream happen . we destroyed our nation by dreaming these kind of plans . we have to make pak strong financially so the other can listen our voice .

  3. Dear Asim i am pleased to inform you that the link you shared with us is exactly same which is written in HT press release. I think the person who wrote this story even do not bother to change the words which were written in HT message to TTP. I believe if HT doesn't mean what written in its press release then it is fault of the spokesman. Kindly go through the press release of HT which is referred in your comment.

  4. Army has done a very right thing. Taliban and their ilks are no doubt an internal threat. Even if the Army has declared them major threat at the behest of Americans, there still is nothing wrong with that. Why not follow a wise advice or a suggestion? And by the way we are already fighting them day in and day out so what difference does it make if they are declared threat? HT are trying to stage a coup in the armed forces of Pakistan by assuming their leadership as traitors and assuming their own leadership as right. they are employing mysterious techniques which is so weird. every officer of the armed forces is sincere. But sincere to Pakistan not to some shadowy and insane cult.

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