HRCP concerned over rise in violence


The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) on Friday expressed concern over the rise in violent incidents across the country.
In a statement, the Commission said: “HRCP notes with great alarm the rise in grisly incidents of violence all over Pakistan. Beginning with the abduction in Peshawar and cold-blooded murder of 21 Levies personnel, the killing of seven aid workers in Swabi, the murder of polio vaccinators in Karachi and Peshawar, the FC operation in Awaran, and now young doctors beating their seniors in Gujranwala, hardly a week goes by when violence of ever more disturbing nature does not make the headlines.” HRCP stressed the need for “soul searching” over the incidents and said that compassionate human beings were the basis of every developed society. HRCP further said that the state was increasingly relying on the use of force and militant elements had also justified bloodshed in the name of religion.
The statement further said, “In a deeply brutalised society, violence today has become the standard response to every challenge, or perceived affront. What we see unfold everyday across Pakistan is violence begetting violence, plain and simple.”


  1. Every harsh response and violation of human rights in Pakistan is showing us the true picture of the psyche of our nation. We are in abysmal condition in every walk of life and it seems that we are not even ready to untangle the ropes of injustice, corruption and extremism. Government, civil societies and all citizens of Pakistan have to wake up from slumber to make Pakistan a better place.

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