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Health Department scrambles for damage control as YDA continues strike

The Punjab Health Department on Friday imposed the Compulsory Service Act at all government hospitals as the strike by Young Doctors Association (YDA) continued for the third consecutive day.
According to reports, young doctors boycotted outdoor and indoor services at government hospitals across the province. The protest came after 12 doctors were arrested for assault on a senior doctor in Gujranwala. Under the Compulsory Service Act, doctors, nurses and paramedical staff would ensure their presence at hospitals. According to the Punjab government, it would take strict action against the doctors who were absent from their duties.
Heavy contingents of police were deployed in government hospitals due to the YDA strike. A spokesman of Punjab government said doctors on duty would be provided adequate security.
He said no one would be allowed to suspend the treatment of the patients in the hospitals. YDA went on strike when doctors including YDA Gujranwala President Dr Kashif Bilal were arrested for torturing Dr Anwar Aman, medical superintendent (MS) of Gujranwala District Headquarters Hospital. The arrested people had also ransacked office of the MS.
The protesting doctors closed OPDs of all government hospitals in the city, including Mayo Hospital, Services Hospital, Ganga Ram Hospital, Jinnah Hospital, Mian Munshi Hospital, Nawaz Sharif Hospital and General Hospital. On the other hand, routine medical activities had been partially restored in the hospitals as the senior and other doctors started working.
The notices to absent doctors had also been issued enquiring the reason behind their absence from duties.

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One Comment;

  1. SHB said:

    Punjab health dept should take following actions against these YDA doctors.
    All those twelve doctors who were in MS office and did damage to the office and physically harmed the Ms and DMS must be terminated and their licenses to practice medicine must be cancelled.Criminal cases should be registered and they should be prosecuted thru the court. Prosecutor should ask for fifty yrs of jail time.
    All the other doctors who went on strike in sympathy to the above mentioned doctors must be terminated also with no financial /retirement benefits because they did not see those poor pts who come To those govt hosp. Their licenses should be cancelled also.
    If these striking doctors have any moral courage, they can resign. I have not seen a single doctor resigning in the last 2-3 yrs.If Punjab health service is so bad, why they don't find some other alternative in stead of keep on striking or coming on the roads like animals and creating traffic problems for the public.They should either shut up or get out of the way and let some body else come forward and do the job of seeing poor pts.

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