Frost not good for fruit producing plants: experts


Agriculture experts have advised gardeners to properly look after fruit producing plants for proper yield as the plants are affected by a change in weather. Talking to APP on Saturday, agriculture experts said at night dew on plants leaves freezes due to minimum temperature which ultimately harms leaves badly. Frost also harms branches of a plant and they fall down which affects production of plants, they added. Fruits like Bananas, mangoes, lychees and lemons are affected by frost. It can damage plants in December, January and sometimes in February, they added. They asked gardeners to stay alert during December, January and February and keep monitoring temperatures with a thermometer to save plants from severe cold. One thermometer is enough to monitor a four-hectare area, they added. Gardeners should also use polyethylene sheets to cover plants against frost and sheets should not be placed directly on plants. Some gardeners grow banana plants near mango trees to save them from frost but in such a case banana plants take maximum nutrition of mango plants which affects the growth of mango plants, they added.