Sherry for greater trade access to US markets


Pakistan’s ambassador to US Sherry Rehman has urged the United States Congress on helping realize greater market access for Pakistani products to the American market.
In an opinion posted on The Hill Congressional daily‚ she emphasized that the long-sought step would contribute vitally in forging enduring bilateral relations.
Sherry Rehman drew attention of the new U.S. Congress to democratic accomplishments of the country. She said Pakistan will make history by going to the polls for the first peaceful and constitutional transfer of power in its history.
She wrote‚ the democratic government has taken full ownership of the fight against terrorism and given the people of Pakistan a stake in it.
In the regional perspective‚ Sherry said‚ the democratic government is also leading Pakistan through a regional policy pivot in South Asia.
She said Legitimately concerned about its own security‚ under President Asif Ali Zardari’s specific initiatives‚ Islamabad is determined to send clear signals that bolster the security of others. It is‚ therefore‚ reaching out to all countries in the region‚ reassessing its own strategy and hoping to foster peace among others.
Specifically‚ Pakistan is proactively moving ahead to build confidence based on opening sustained trade and dialogue spigots with our immediate neighbors‚ Afghanistan and India.


  1. What Pakistan needs is to reform its own trade policy. India, China or other recent emerging countries have no special access but their exports to US are growing because of their domestic reforms, When Pakistan opened its economy during Musharraf's era, its exports started growing at 15-20 % per annum. The current government reversed all those reforms and that's why our economy has collapsed. If unilateral market access could improve the eonomy of any country then the Least Developed Countries should be major exporters.

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