Moral decline


Moral degeneration occurs when good men choose to remain silent, and tolerate presence of criminals amongst ruling elite and self proclaimed proponents of human rights and civil society. The brutal murder of a young boy Shahzeb in Karachi by scions of rich parents and hesitation of police, provincial government and our bureaucracy, reflects the gravity of cancer that has devoid this society of basic values to differentiate between right and wrong. Facilitation of safe exit to a declared criminal Tauqir Sadiq accused of Rs 82 billion massive corruption should give us an insight into gravity of the cancer that afflicts our society. Even basic medicines for cough are contaminated because of failure of corrupt bureaucracy and an equally immoral ruling elite to enforce strict regulatory controls. No system of governance can resolve such problems, unless universally accepted morals and ethics are followed and criminals declared as outcasts by society and punished by the state.